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30 सितंबर 2009

Hindi writer transliterates Batalvi to Bengali script .

Varinder Walia

Born in Alipurduar Jn. (North Bengal), daughter of Punjabi parents, Hindi writer Neelam Sharma Anshu has transliterated Shiv Kumar Batalvi, hailed as one of the great Punjabi poets of all times, to Bangla script for the first time.
The project was assigned to Anshu by the Punjab Language Department. The work of Batalvi in Bangla script will be published shortly. She says it needs more energy to translate/transliterate literature than do creative writing.
Anshu has translated a number of noted Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali writers and poets into Hindi. However, it is for the first time that she has transliterated Punjabi songs and poems of Batalvi into Bengali script. She admits that it was difficult to transliterate Batalvi, who is considered a mystical master of words, to any language, especially Bengali.
The versatile Hindi writer has also translated a poetry book of Assamese language.
Talking to The Tribune, Anshu said the hobby of translation and transliteration developed while working in the Directorate of Supplies and Disposals, Commerce Ministry. As a part of her job she has to do lot of translation work for the benefit of non-Bengali consumers who have settled in West Bengal.
She owes her versatility in languages due to the stay of her father late Tarsem Lal Sharma in a number of places while working with a Railway Construction Company. However, despite staying outside Punjab, she did not forget to promote Punjabi, a language of her ancestors. Anshu said she had studied in BLM Girls College (Nawanshahr) and her stay in Punjab was only for six years, but it was too short a period to have a complete command on the language . “She, however, did a lot of labour to excel in Punjabi language. She gives full credit to the then Editor of Punjabi Tribune who had published her article after making a number of corrections. “I can’t forget the great gesture of the Editor of Punjabi Tribune which encouraged me to do more service to the language of my ancestors,” she said with great humility.
She said with her latest venture, Bengali-speaking readers would be able to read transcendental agony of great Punjabi poet Batalvi. She said the translation work was quite different from transliteration. However, she took care of the spellings and proper pronunciation while transliterating Batalvi .
Earlier, she had translated “Phoolon Ka Saath,” a novel by Kartar Singh Duggal , “Suron Ke Saudagar,” written by India-based Canadian writer Iqbal Mahal, “Pavitar Paapi,” a famous novel by Nanak Singh, and “Lal Batti,” authored by Baldev Singh. From Bengali to Hindi, she has translated “Kabuliwale Ki Bengali Biwi,” autobiographical novel by Sushmita Bandopadhyay, which was declared best-seller of Hindi since Kolkata Book Fair, 2002 . The Hindi feature film, “Escape from Taliban,” was also made on the basis of the Hindi translation. She has also translated “Ek Akshar Bhi Jhootha Nahin” and “Sattayies Din Title Ke,” written by Bandopadhyay and Subrato Das, respectively.

She has also translated Urdu play “Dahkate Angaray” & London-based Hindi writer Tejendra Sharma to Punjabi. Some of the writings translated from various languages to Punjabi are also in the press.

साभार - Tribune News Service Amritsar, February 25 , 2008

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